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2024 Voge 525DSX review | This low-priced, high-spec mini-adventurer from China might surprise you

We recently received delivery of our first VOGE 525DSX Adventrue Bike which was immediatley sold upon arrival. We were so impressed with build quality, specifications and styling that we immediately ordered another one for stock. Now in stock in Blue this bike won't be around for long, so if your interested get in touch with us and read the below MCN review of this great value for money motorcycle. In stock at A1 Motorcycles Flint £5999 + OTR.

MCN Review of VOGE 525DSX Feb 2024

Author Jon-Urry

The Voge 525DSX adventure bike (variously known as the DS525X and the Valico 525 DSX) marks the start of a new era for the Chinese brand. A subsidiary of Chinese mega-company Loncin, who build over 3,000,000 complete motorcycles a year as well as a similar number of engines, Voge Motorcycles was founded in 2018 and is Loncin’s high-end motorcycle subsidiary with its eye firmly on the European market.

Overall Rating 4/5

Launched in Europe in the early 2020s, the Voge brand initially used a 471cc parallel twin for their middleweight bikes that was basically a clone of Honda’s CB500 motor however with the launch of their all-new 525 motor (which is actually 494cc), they have upped their game. And if the 525DSX is anything to go by, they look set to make quite an impression.

As the 525DSX is built to appeal to European buyers, Voge have been keen to include lots of eye-catching ‘known brand’ components to make it stand out and enhance the ride quality in all the important areas. With Metzeler Tourance tyres, Nissin brake calipers and KYB suspension, the Voge certainly impresses and that’s before you read the rest of the spec list.

Dig deeper and you discover the Voge comes with switchable traction control and ABS, connectivity with turn-by-turn navigation, auxiliary lights, crash protection, brush guards, a centre stand, luggage rack, adjustable screen, spoke wheels, 12V and USB sockets and even a forward-facing camera as standard! That’s an incredibly impressive line-up for a bike costing £6199. And, far from just a collection of parts, the Voge rides and responds like a thoroughly considered bike.

Ride Quality & Brakes 4/5

The first thing you spot about the Voge is its physical size. A big and roomy bike, when you sit on it is feels anything but a middleweight adventurer and yet at low speed it is far from cumbersome. How? Look behind the Voge’s fairing you discover lots of big air gaps as Voge have stuck oversized bodywork on a small bike to give the impression of something more substantial but without its associated extra weight. In fact, the 525DSX weighs just 206kg wet and has a seat height of 810mm.

On the go you spot the fact Voge have invested in items that matter with the KYB suspension and Metzeler Tourance tyres ensuring everything remains nice and composed as it tracks through bends with precision.

You can ride the Voge hard and it gives loads of feedback (its brakes are disappointingly dead-feeling) and it feels anything but a ‘budget’ bike. It also has good weather protection thanks to brush guards and a two-stage adjustable screen as standard (although it lacks a handle and our courier crushed his thumb in it).

Engine 4/5

The all-new 525 parallel twin engine, which is actually 494cc, is a very impressive motor with lots of mid-range and a friendly, if a touch raw at times, character. More than happy to cruise at 70mph, it has a few vibrations but nothing too unpleasant and is noticeably peppier than its main rival, the Honda NX500, when it comes to top-gear roll-on acceleration.

Producing 46.9bhp with 32.5ftlb of torque, it is easily able to record 60mpg and comes with traction control and two (pointless) power modes but our test bike did hop out of gear a few times, which may simply be down to a poorly-adjusted gear lever. Considering Loncin’s engineering background, it is unlikely to be anything major.

Reliability & build quality 4/5

If you were to take the Voge badge off the 525DSX, you would be hard-pushed to know its Chinese-origin. There again, most of its Japanese-branded rivals are built in the Far East so does it matter anyway?

Overall the build quality seems high on the Voge with money spent where it matters, however only time will really tell. That said, it is worth noting that as far back as 2005, Loncin started to make the G650GS engine for BMW and nowadays they manufacture the F-Series parallel twin engines for the German firm as well as their single-cylinder C400X scooter. And they make around 3,000,000 bikes every year. They really do know their stuff...

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