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With this 3rd generation Skwal, the innovative LED safety system is reinvented with the addition of active brake lights as standard. Incorporating a triaxial accelerometer, you now have intelligent brake lights without any wired or Bluetooth connection. Gain visibility and safety with the Skwal i3.

Its new design, inspired by motorsports and science fiction, gives it a disruptive style. Its comfort, reinvented for a "Best Fit" shoe as close as possible to your morphology, is equipped with 5 high-tech textiles for an exceptional second skin effect.

With a high-impact Lexan polycarbonate shell, a screen delivered with its high-performance Pinlock 70 anti-fog film, double sun shields, optimized ventilation, an aerodynamic spoiler, and the possibility of integrating an Intercom (Shark Shartooth Prime or Universal Intercom), the Skwal i3 is a full-featured, practical, and exceptionally safe helmet.


  • Full-face helmet approved according to the new ECE 22.06 standard, exceeding its high requirements.
  • Compact design, inspired by motorsport and science fiction.
  • Innovative and intelligent LED safety system: LED position lights and active brake lights as standard.
  • Triaxial accelerometer integration: intelligent brake lights without any wired or Bluetooth connection.
  • 4 LEDs with On/Off* position (2 chin and 2 upper) and rear brake lights.
    *This helmet is sold with an LED system that you can turn off. Important: drive carefully and respect the traffic regulations in force. Check that the legislation of your country does not limit the use of LEDs.
  • LEDs located on the chin strap, on the upper part of the vehicle and brake lights on the rear spoiler.
  • Recharging by USB type C port.
  • High-impact Lexan polycarbonate shell.
  • Multiple density internal EPS for maximum shock absorption in case of impact.
  • 2 shell sizes.
  • Best Fit interior: 5 highly technical textiles for an ultra comfortable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antiperspirant interior. Fully removable and washable.
  • Ergonomic system of fixing the textiles, patented.
  • Easy Fit system for eyeglass wearers: grooves to insert your eyeglass branches.
  • Visor: High resistance clear, optical class 1, anti-scratch, delivered with a Pinlock 70, high performance anti-fog lens.
  • Pinlock tension adjustment levers.
  • Lens locking system with air mesh position.
  • Patented quick release lens removal system without tools.
  • Smoked visor with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, easy handling.
  • Ventilation optimized by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).
  • Ventilation: upper air intakes, chin strap and rear air extractor.
  • Aerodynamic spoiler.
  • Nose guard.
  • Removable chin curtain.
  • Delivered with its helmet bag.
  • Micrometric buckle chin strap.
  • Weight: 1500g (+/- 50g).
  • Full face helmet with LEDs approved by ECE 22-06.

Shark Skywal I3 Helmet Medium

SKU: Shark Skywal I3 RHAD
£249.99 Regular Price
£237.49Sale Price
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