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The Shark SKWAL i3 is the first helmet ever with integrated brake lights. The SKWAL i3 features an innovative safety LED system that has been tried and tested since the first version of the SKWAL helmet. In the latest iteration, the LED system has been upgraded with active brake lights as a standard feature. 


You enjoy the benefits of the brake lights, thanks to its integrated triaxial accelerometer. This feature eliminates the need for cables or Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to use.


The accelerometer senses when you're slowing down or coming to a stop, and automatically activates the brake lights on your helmet to alert other motorists on the road. This added safety feature is just another way that the SKWAL i3 stands out as a top-of-the-line motorcycle helmet. 

Other than the most outstanding feature of this helmet; the lights, this helmet has a lot of other features which makes the whole package complete.


Safety Features

The SKWAL i3 is a full face helmet from Shark. Compared to other types of helmets, full face helmets provide the best overall protection as they cover your entire head and face. When choosing a new helmet and when safety is your top priority, a full-face helmet is always the right choice. Additionally, this helmet is made from polycarbonate. Constructed from Polycarbonate, this SKWAL i3 offers excellent protection and performance without having to break the bank.

The chinstrap is an important part of the helmet's effectiveness in a crash and it is also the part that you interact with the most when putting on and taking off the helmet. The SKWAL i3 features a Micrometic buckle. This is a safe and user-friendly buckle. It allows for easy adjustments and unlike any other style of buckles you can actually operate this buckle with your gloves on.

Of course, all of our helmets are certified and road legal for European roads as this helmet is ECE 22.06 approved. 22.06 is the newest ECE certification and helmets with this label are safer than its 22.05 predecessors, because they need to meet stricter safety standards. Besides the helmet, the accessories, such as visors, are also included in the tests.

Shark Skywal I3 Helmet Black

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