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The HIGH-IMPACT LEXAN™ polycarbonate injected shell structure combined with multi-density EPS liners optimise the helmet's resistance. Integrated standard features, such as the quick and tool-free screen removal system and ergonomic textile attachment system, both patented, allow for simplified use of the RIDILL 2's functionalities. This full-face helmet for men and women is also compatible with the Sharktooth® Prime intercom. An anti-scratch, anti-fog sun visor completes the comfort of the high-resistance, optical class 1 anti-scratch screen, pre-equipped to hold PINLOCK® 70 anti-fog, which is easy to adjust using the tension levers. To keep it practical and sporty at the same time, the RIDILL 2 lens has an "air inlet" locking position. The SHARK RIDILL 2 has been designed to offer the best performance to pilots by meeting the UNECE 22-06 standard.

Shark Ridill 2 Bersek Grey/Pink

SKU: Shark Ridill 2 Bersek Mat
£159.99 Regular Price
£149.99Sale Price
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