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"Is the Shark SKWAL i3 Linik Motorcycle Helmet Worth the Investment?"

The SKWAL is an outstanding motorcycle helmet designed and developed by SHARK and the i3 is the latest in the series. Standing out from the crowd with its LED marker lights and integrated brake lights give this helmet the added edge when it comes to rider safety.

This innovative safety LED system, tried and tested since the first version of the SKWAL, has been redesigned with the addition of active brake lights as standard. Thanks to the integration of a triaxial accelerometer, you enjoy the benefit of smart brake lights on your helmet without the need for cables or Bluetooth!

SHARK Best Fit: Comfort Redesigned

SHARK 3D scan campaign involved scanning a wide range of users to define the best possible fit for riders, has developed a helmet that is both light and comfortable with 5 highly technical textiles that make the fit unique and feeling like a second skin. Road tested by MCN's Justin Hayzelden he described the fit "I don't think it would be any more comfortable with a complete bespoke interior. And because it fits so well, there's an overall sensation of the outer shell being compact , rather than a giant fish bowl. A good helmet shouldn't feel like you're wearing it all, and the SKWAL i3 ticks the box with a flourish. Compact, lightweight, excellent visor system, brake lights"

Shark Skwal i3 Overview


Considered a mid price range helmet at under £300, the RRP is £279.99, however, at A1 Motorcycles we are offering the SHARK SKWAL i3 LINIK MAT KAA for £249.99.


The SKWAL i3 exceeds the stringent requirements of the UN ECE 22-06 standard thanks to its high performance build and its perfectly integrated features as standard.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Safety Features, Brake Lights, Lightweight, Visor, Mid Price Range

Cons: Buckles some riders may prefer the older style D ring instead of micrometic buckle

The Verdict

Is it a gimic or worth the hype? In our opinion the SHARK SKWAL i3 is worth the hype. With its French styling and a Brand that is worn by some of the best MotoGP, 2 and 3 riders you can be assured of a safe and comfortable helmet with the added safety of LED braking lights. We recommend the SKWAL i3 to all riders and highly recommend to new learner riders for the added safety features.

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