A1 motorcycles is a licensed M.O.T test station with Tony and Ian able to test

To book an M.O.T with us please call 01352 762591 in advance to pre book your bike in

M.O.Ts are currently £29.00 each

If your bike fails its M.O.T test then a free re-test is available with in 14 days, thats 10 working days. Again we advise you ring up to book your re-test in advance on 01352 762591

You may also want your bike serviced while it is tested, this is not a problem, let us know in advanced and we’ll get the parts in and get it booked into the workshop

A1 top tips to get your bike through an M.O.T first time

Check lights before coming down, head lights, indicators, brake lights tails lights, i only ride in the day is not an excuse!

All bikes must have a rear reflector, we usually have some in stock just incase but bare that in mind

Basically use common sense, you know the feel from your bike if the tyres are low or the brakes are low, at the end of the day your life is on that bike so be good to it and it’ll be good to you, if you have any more questions about the M.O.T test please get in touch 01352 762591 or